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When your surveyor recommends that further investigations should be carried out, you must consider this advice very carefully before moving forward.

When you instruct an independent surveyor, they may spot potential problems where they are unable to provide significant detail. Such cases include commenting on services such as gas and electric, or an element which needs intrusive investigation such as drains or the subfloor. In these circumstances, it is common for a surveyor to recommend further investigation. An RICS surveyor will give you the best possible picture for you to make informed decisions. Still, in situations where they are limited to the information they can provide, you should follow their advice of further testing. A surveyor is doing their job well by highlighting ALL the potential problems and advising the appropriate action.

You must always consider the advice your surveyor provides, thoughtfully. It is a buyers responsibility to weigh up all the risks associated with buying a property. Instructing further investigations as advised will reduce your risk of burdening yourself with expensive repairs, giving you a deeper understanding of the condition of the property you wish to buy. Unfortunately, it is common for people to ignore this advice because of the cost associated with further investigations. You should carefully consider your exposure to the risk of ignoring the advice. Remember, it is a false economy to save on checks costing hundreds which could end up saving you thousands. If further tests uncover severe defects which are expensive to repair, you have the option of renegotiating the agreed price. You could also back out of the purchase completely, allowing you to buy something more viable.


The material contained in this article is intended for information purposes only and not as advice. We take no responsibility for the result of any actions you take as a result of reading this information.

You should always obtain the relevant professional advice prior to making investment decisions.

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