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Cosey Homes is an experienced team of Chartered Surveyors in Leeds. Our skilled structural engineers and surveyors have worked with thousands of happy clients across the North of England, delivering impartial advice, technical expertise and consistently exceptional customer service.

With over 18 years in the property business, we are proud to be accredited by industry-leading organisations, including the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). For details about any of our services, or if you would like to book in for a property survey, please call our friendly team direct on 0113 3188 300 or send a short enquiry via our contact page.

Chartered Building Surveyors in Leeds

If you are looking for professional property surveying services in Leeds, Cosey Homes should be your first port of call. We know that buying a home or business premises is one of the biggest investment of your life, which is why we make it our business to help you to make an informed decision about what you are spending your money on. Contact our expert team for a property survey, valuation or structural inspection to make sure you fully understand the condition of the property asset you are about to commit to.

Cosey Homes is a leading property surveyor in Leeds and the surrounding area, including Bradford, Harrogate and Wakefield. Our team has a wide range of diverse experiences in the property sector, and we have the knowledge and qualifications to carry out commercial property surveys and valuations as well as residential Building Survey (Level 3) and RICS HomeBuyer Reports (Level 2). From industrial warehouses and commercial premises to large homes and tower blocks, we are happy to assist in any environment.

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Do I really need a building survey (Level 3)?

Getting a professional property survey before you exchange contracts is an important step in your due diligence to protect what may well be the biggest investment of your life. Instructing a qualified surveyor to inspect the building is the most reliable way to ensure any potential issues are spotted, so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed. The RICS Building Survey (Level 3) is the most in-depth survey available, and particularly suitable for larger and older buildings, non-standard constructions, properties with a complex alterations history as well as fixer-uppers.

What are the differences between a Homebuyers Survey (Level 2) and a Building Survey (Level 3)?

Put briefly, a Homebuyers Survey (Level 2) is a mid-level investigation while a Building Survey (Level 3) is an in-depth investigation. While the former is appropriate for modern buildings of standard construction that are in a reasonable state of repair, the latter can deal with complex surveying needs including listed buildings and unconventional types of construction. If you’re not sure which survey is right for your requirements, please feel free to contact us for professional advice about the best survey for your particular property.

Can I use the survey findings to reduce the agreed asking price?

If your survey findings are ‘bad’, you are entirely within your rights to renegotiate the price agreed ‘subject to contract and survey’. Obtain cost estimates for necessary repairs and maintenance to arrive at a figure and present your evidence-based facts to the seller with a request for a discount. Of course, the seller is under no obligation to lower the price, though they may be motivated by the prospect of a quick sale. Make sure you stay flexible in reaching a mutually agreeable solution, and also be prepared to walk away if the costs are just too high and no compromise can be found.

Do I need a survey for a new-built property?

Many property buyers assume that a brand new or nearly new building won’t need a survey, either because there shouldn’t be any defects present or because any problems should be covered by the 10-year NHBC warranty. In point of fact, this warranty only covers the home if the original housebuilder is prepared to accept responsibility for their mistakes, and even newly built homes can have unexpected problems. For your own peace of mind, we would always recommend that you have an independent property survey carried out to protect your significant investment.

Which is the best type of survey for a listed building?

Are you tempted to buy a heritage home or a listed building? These charming old properties can often suffer from numerous unseen problems including damp and timber decay, roof defect or structural movement. And because of their age and build, only a full RICS Building Survey (Level 3) is equipped to do them justice. With an experienced surveyor conducting a thorough investigation into the structural condition of the building, you will have the best chance to get an in-depth insight into the building, rather than discovering unpleasant surprises after you’ve moved in.

Do you have any affiliations to other companies?

At Cosey Homes, our team works independently of other companies in the property sector. This means we are not obliged to look after the interests of estate agents, mortgage providers or any other third party. Instead, we can direct all our efforts on the needs of our clients and are able to offer a completely unbiased assessment of your property and your circumstances. In return, you can feel assured that our advice is always in your best interests, and that our clear, easy-to-follow reports are giving you all the information you need.