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Our Condition Reports help to put your mind at ease about your new home

A RICS Condition Report provides you with a professional account of the property’s condition on the date of inspection, helping you to be confident in the home that you are buying.

One of our RICS accredited surveyors will carry out an inspection of the property, including the visible interior and exterior, as well as permanent outbuildings and boundary structures. You will then receive a report describing the property’s current condition and details about its construction. If any serious concerns or problems are identified the report will highlight them in an easy-to-follow traffic light system so that you can address them appropriately with the buyer, or a specialist contractor.

The RICS Condition Report also covers the legal aspects of your property, and the paperwork will include relevant advice or comments for your solicitor before you exchange contracts.

When to Choose a Home Condition Report

Condition Reports are targeted towards conventional flats or houses that are new, or nearly new (less than five years old). They should be in reasonable condition, with their maintenance history easily accessible to you. They are not suitable for older homes, unusual construction methods or materials, or providing detailed information about known defects.

If you are not sure which survey is the most appropriate for your potential new home, contact Cosey Homes today and a member of staff will be happy to help.

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