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Cosey Homes are leading Chartered Surveyors in Derby, the Midlands and across the UK. With more than 18 years’ professional experience, our team of surveyors and structural engineers provide a wide range of property and consultancy services including independent property surveys and valuations. We pride ourselves on our expert reputation, quality reporting and customer service excellence and have received positive feedback from many happy clients over the years. If you are looking for building advice you can trust, get in touch with our team for all your surveying needs.

Surveyors Derby

If you are looking for an established local Chartered Surveyor in Derby, Cosey Homes should be your first port of call. Buying a property is a major investment and it would be unwise to proceed without caution. That’s why it is important that you understand the condition and structural integrity of the property asset you are about to commit to before you sign on the dotted line.

Our experienced team provides valuable specialist advice ranging from detailed RICS Building Surveys (Level 3) and mid-range RICS HomeBuyer Reports (Level2) to residential and commercial property valuations. We have extensive in-depth local knowledge of all types of properties in the area including flats and maisonettes, houses and commercial premises.

It’s important to realise that not all property defects may be obvious to the untrained eye, which is why commissioning a qualified and experienced surveyor can potentially save you a lot of money. Whether you are concerned about a particular aspect of the building or are looking to obtain clear insights into the overall condition of the property, we can provide you with all the necessary facts you need to make an informed decision on whether and how to proceed with the purchase.

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Which survey is the right choice for a listed building?

If you are planning to purchase a period home, a property in a Conservation Area or a designated listed building, we would urge you to consider a detailed Building Survey (Level 3). Old structures may have been standing for a long time but that is no guarantee against major building defects such as timber decay, damp, subsidence and roof problems that a thorough building survey may uncover. Furthermore, non-traditional construction materials or methods may have been used in older buildings that require specialist (and potentially costly) expertise for repair and maintenance. A Level 3 property investigation is the only way to ensure that you won’t encounter any nasty surprises when you take ownership.

What are the differences between a HomeBuyer Survey (Level 2) and a Building Survey (Level 3)?

The key difference between a HomeBuyer Survey and a Building Survey lies in the level of detail involved in the investigation and reporting. Both types of survey are based on visual, non-invasive property inspections, with the Building Survey providing greater depth. For older properties, listed buildings, unconventional and non-traditional constructions, we would suggest that a Building Survey be carried out to provide sufficient scope to deal with potentially complex surveying needs in enough detail. HomeBuyer Surveys, by comparison, are appropriate for modern flats and houses of standard construction that are in reasonable overall condition.

Can I use poor survey findings to reduce the price?

Since the purchase price was agreed ‘subject to survey’, you are perfectly within your rights to report any unexpected major flaws back to the seller and try to renegotiate the price. However, do bear in mind that the seller is under no obligation to agree to a reduction. Many buyers use their ‘bad’ survey findings along with cost estimates to put the problem right as a bargaining tool to discount the price, or request that the seller fix the problem before contracts are exchanged. If serious defects have come to light, a bit of give and take should eventually arrive at a compromise outcome, however do be prepared to walk away from the property if no agreement is possible.

Do I need a survey for a new-build?

It would be wonderful to think that every brand new property is in perfect condition, however that is usually not the case. On the contrary, it is unfortunately fairly common for new homes to have defects. A professional snagging list and discussion with the developer will usually suffice for smaller niggles, but a Condition Report (Level 1) may be a good idea to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that there are no major worries with the building’s construction or materials. NHBC-type warranties notwithstanding, structural issues have been known to occur and it takes the keen eye of an experienced professional surveyor to spot them.

Does Cosey Homes have connections to other companies?

Cosey Homes Chartered Surveyors is an independent company with no affiliations to estate agents or mortgage lenders. This is why we can dedicate all our professional efforts towards your individual requirements and carry out an impartial assessment of the property on your behalf. Using our extensive surveying expertise and local industry experience, we specialise in compiling valuable information into easy-to-understand reports for your benefit. With our help, you are provided with a clear overview of the asset you are about to invest in and are empowered to make the best possible decision.