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Specific Structural Inspection

Sometimes you may need a surveyor to visit your property to give advice on a specific area or issue.

At Cosey Homes, our experienced RICS accredited Chartered Surveyors produce some of the most insightful reports on the market. We offer a full range of RICS home surveys and specific structural inspections to give you the benefit of our professional expertise and help you make the right decision when it comes to your property and investments. We are experts in the construction of buildings and are recognised by all the major financial and insurance institutions.

What is a Specific Structural Inspection/Survey?

A Specific Structural Inspection, also known as a Specific Structural Survey or a Specific Defect Survey, focuses on a particular problem with the property’s structure or condition. The survey report goes into a similar level of detail as a general RICS Building Survey but it only covers a particular area of concern.

You may be satisfied with the overall condition of a property you wish to buy but are worried about a particular issue. In this case, a residential structural inspection would allow you to get in-depth information on the scope and urgency of the issue and the likely cost of remedial action. You can use the information to decide whether to proceed with the purchase or whether to renegotiate the price.

Sometimes, your home survey may flag up the need for further investigation by structural surveyors or engineers, or the mortgage lender may insist on a structural home inspection covering a specific defect before the loan is approved.

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