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If you need a survey carried out on a commercial premises, our surveyors are able to do this for you. We have significant experience in this area, where we can assess the structure, value and commercial potential of a particular premises.

Commercial Property Valuation

Commercial property can be valued in a number of ways. Our surveyors can determine value based on bricks and mortar, or for a more detailed approach can employ techniques to analyse investment, development and business profits/opportunity to establish market value.

When commissioning a survey, choosing a surveyor with specific commercial experience will ensure you receive the most thorough and accurate assessment. At Cosey Homes, our professional teams work with a range of property types, including, but not limited to:

It is advisable to conduct a survey before any major works are undertaken, including extensions, renovations or demolitions. Even prior to a change of use application or tenancy agreement, a commercial valuation and survey can ensure you make the most profitable decisions for your development.

Commercial Property Survey

With regards to structural integrity, defect analysis for commercial properties is undertaken on a similar basis as for residential properties, with a bias towards commercial considerations. However, the construction methods used in commercial properties, including the use of materials such as steel and reinforced concrete, requires slightly different attention than residential construction. Legislation is also stricter for commercial premises, so it is vital that you choose a surveyor to advise you appropriately.

The most suitable survey for your property depends on what you hope to learn from a professional report, and whether you are the current landlord, potential purchaser or prospective tenant.

Building Survey (Level 3)

A building survey (Level 3) offers a detailed report on the property’s condition, advising of any defects as well as observing the current condition of specific features and any remedial work or maintenance that may need to be addressed in the future. A building survey (Level 3) is a recommended measure to take prior to agreeing a purchase price, as the results can be used in negotiations.

Schedule of Condition

A schedule of condition is used to assess and record the physical state of a property at a given time. These are particularly useful for landlords or new tenants to establish the extent of existing damage and outline potential liability before signing a contract. This can save either party a significant amount of money and stress at the time of lease expiry.

A schedule of condition will contain photographic evidence and a detailed description of property features, to ensure the premises is left in the same condition as the beginning of the lease.

Schedule of Dilapidations

A dilapidations survey is used to identify any repairs that the vacating tenant is obliged to complete. Hiring a surveyor to assist with this can prove invaluable, as they can provide clear information about making a claim, and help to find an appropriate settlement between parties.

Why choose a Cosey Homes Chartered Surveyor?

Our Chartered Surveyors work across the UK, specialising in a variety of disciplines to ensure your needs are met. We can assist with building valuations and surveys, as well as boundary disputes, asbestos investigations, dilapidation reports and party wall assessments.

Our survey fees are very competitive, please call today and speak to one of our advisors for an instant quote.

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