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Cosey Homes is a professional team of Chartered Surveyors and structural engineers in Portsmouth and across Hampshire. We’ve been delivering a broad range of specialist property and consultancy services for over a decade, serving thousands of satisfied clients. For expert impartial advice, high-quality reporting and great customer service, the team at Cosey Homes should be your first port of call. Why not get in touch to discuss your surveying needs on 0239 3878820 today?

We work independently with no links to estate agents or mortgage lenders, meaning we can focus on your needs alone. Our professional survey reports are in-depth and well-formatted, packed with impartial advice and guidance to help you make the best purchase decision. Whether you are looking to buy a ‘fixer upper’, or a home that’s ready to move in, our professional advice can make all the difference.

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What types of surveys do you offer?

If you are considering the purchase of residential property in Portsmouth or anywhere in Hampshire, it makes sense to protect your investment by commissioning a property survey. As experienced RICS Chartered Surveyors with deep local knowledge, we specialise in RICS HomeBuyer Reports, full Building Surveys and Residential Valuations for all types of property. From urban apartments to Edwardian family homes and coastal cottages, we can help with:

RICS Homebuyers Survey

This mid-range survey is recommended for modern properties that are in a reasonable state of repair and that are built with standard construction materials and methods. During our site visit, we will carry out a non-invasive visual inspection of accessible building elements, with the aim of providing an overview of the building’s condition and highlighting any urgent defects. We also provide a free market valuation as standard. Using the RICS standard templated traffic-light reporting format allows the report to be easily understandable, which has proven extremely popular with our clients. A RICS HomeBuyer Report puts the necessary information at your fingertips to enable you to make a considered decision about your property purchase.

RICS Building Survey

Once known as a ‘full structural survey’, the RICS Building Survey is the most detailed investigation we carry out. As a Level 3 survey, it is most suitable for older properties (>70 years) and very large homes, as well as buildings with significant historical alterations or where major refurbishment works are planned. A site visit with an-depth visual inspection will deliver a thorough understand of the condition of the building including any major defects such as subsidence, damp and timber decay. The report will also contain our recommendations for remedial action and future maintenance, including cost estimates.

Residential Valuations

With a wealth of local Portsmouth property knowledge and having been extensively trained in residential valuations, our RICS Registered Valuers can provide accurate property valuations that are far more robust than any informal market appraisal given by an estate agent. Our residential valuations are permissible in court and can be used for a wide range of formal purposes including matrimonial matters and divorce settlements, insurance and mortgaging purposes, personal asset valuations, tax and probate matters. Get in touch today to find out more.


Which survey should I get for a Victorian property?

At Cosey Homes, we would always recommend an in-depth Building Survey for properties that are older than 70 years. This includes Victorian and Edwardian homes, properties situated in a Conservation Area as well as listed buildings. A Level 3 survey offers sufficient scope to cover the unique features, qualities and requirements of a historic character home.

What’s the difference between a Building Survey and a Homebuyer Survey?

A HomeBuyer Report is a mid-range investigation designed to give an overview of the building’s condition and highlight any urgent areas of concern. A Building Survey is a more detailed analysis that covers all major defects. This is the best choice for older or larger buildings, ‘fixer upper’ projects and non-standard properties.

Can I get a discount on the price if the survey results are ‘bad’?

If the survey findings flag up unexpected problems or urgent remedial works, you are well within your rights to renegotiate the sale price. Many buyers ask for a discount to cover the cost of unexpected repairs (or obtain assurances from the seller that he will fix the problem before contracts are exchanged). Of course, there is no guarantee that the seller will accept a lower offer but there’s certainly no harm in trying.

What is ‘gazumping’ and is it legal?

According to English property law, a transaction only becomes legally valid once contracts have been exchanged. Gazumping is a perfectly legal (though frowned upon) practice whereby the seller accepts a higher offer before exchange, effectively pushing you out of the transaction.

Which property survey should I choose?

With so many different property surveys on the market, it can be hard to know which is the right one to choose. At Cosey Homes, we recognise that you need professional guidance and advice to talk through all available options including the pros and cons of each survey type. Why not get in touch today for a friendly chat with our expert team?

How do I get my survey findings?

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and will work as swiftly as we can to deliver your report. As a general rule, you can expect to receive it by email as a PDF document within 5 working days after the site visit. If you require an additional hard copy, this can be arranged for an extra fee.

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