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When a surveyor refers to the services in a property, they are referring to the Gas, Electricity and Drainage. A surveyor will consider the services, but they won’t comment on their functionality.

RICS surveyors assess the construction, condition and value of properties. They have exceptional knowledge of the built environment; however, they are not specialists in Gas, Electricity or Drainage. Surveyors are not certified to comment on services and will always advise further investigation to assess their functionality.

It is a common misconception that surveyors will check the electrics and gas. However, they are not formally qualified in these matters and can not safely do so. In the case of drainage, surveyors may look for signs of defect, and where they see potential problems, they will recommend drainage specialists. Specialist equipment is required to check pipework, the most a surveyor can do is lift manhole covers where accessible, which will only enable a limited inspection.

When a surveyor carries out an RICS survey, they typically give services a condition rating 3, (Red). The Surveyor will advise you to get further investigation due to certification not being available on the day of inspection. In rare circumstances, certificates may be given to the surveyor, which allows them to report that the services are in good condition.

It is unfortunately common for people to ignore the advice on instructing further investigation. Although this might create an added expense, it could save you thousands in repair costs. Please read our article on further investigations for advice on the actions you should take when your surveyor makes these recommendations.


The material contained in this article is intended for information purposes only and not as advice. We take no responsibility for the result of any actions you take as a result of reading this information.

You should always obtain the relevant professional advice prior to making investment decisions.

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