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Instructing a Chartered Surveyor is possibly the most crucial stage of buying a property

An RICS chartered surveyor will be your official advisory when purchasing a property. They will give you all the critical information you need to make informed decisions about your purchase. The surveyor’s advice could highlight things you hadn’t previously considered, saving you thousands of pounds in repair and maintenance costs.

Why you need a survey

When you buy a house, commercial property or other building, you are taking on a very sizable liability. Building repair and maintenance can be costly, and so you want to be sure that the property is in a reasonable condition before you commit to purchase. Unless a specific agreement is in place, you will be buying the property in its current state, and so any repairs that are required will be your responsibility on completion. The RICS estimates that the average repair bills upon moving into a new house are over £5000, often due to not getting a survey done before committing to purchase and not having the opportunity to renegotiate or pull out.

As well as repairs, you should also ensure that the purchase price is reasonable by instructing an independent Valuation which is included in a Homebuyers Report (Level 2). The Valuation will give you further insights into the subject property that will help you to evaluate the overall viability of the transaction.

There are a number of different surveys to choose from depending on your circumstances, these include the RICS Condition Report (Level 1), the RICS Homebuyers Report (Level 2) and RICS Building survey (Level 3).

What type of Chartered Surveyor should you instruct

Firstly, the surveyor should always be RICS regulated. The RICS is the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Only surveyors holding an RICS appointment are sufficiently qualified to carry out property surveys for Valuation and structural integrity.

There are other governing bodies which are concerned with structural integrity such as CABE and CIOB. Although these are equally prestigious qualifications, they tend to deal with different issues. RICS is the hallmark of quality when it comes to property transactions. Cosey Homes have RICS surveyors who also hold appointments to the CABE, and the CIOB such is our commitment to excellence in structural knowledge.

Once you know the surveyor is sufficiently qualified, you should look at the reputation of the firm to ensure they treat their customers well. In terms of the price, you should consider that surveying is a highly skilled profession and a full report can take several days to compile, so be aware of quotes which are significantly lower than the rest of the market.

Ask what your report will include. Some firms charge extra for photographs and costings, and some even charge extra for the valuation in a Homebuyers Report (Level 2).

Cosey Homes Chartered Surveyors are an RICS regulated firm with a prominent reputation. Each of our surveyors is RICS qualified and vetted to the highest industry standards. Our reports are comprehensive, and there are no hidden fees. Our Homebuyers surveys (Level 2) include a valuation as standard, and our building survey (Level 3) include photographs and costings for highlighted repairs. To talk to one of our friendly team, you can call 01744 412700, or get a quote using our instant online quote generator.


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