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Saving money on your bills

Energy costs can really eat into your bank account if you aren’t careful. There are a few methods that can help you spend less money on your energy.

Using less energy may seem like an obvious way to save money, but it’s easy to waste it without even realising. Just remember to do little things like turning off the lights when you leave a room, use energy saving bulbs and only wash full loads at 30⁰C. Doing something as small as reducing your thermostat by just 1⁰C can cut 10% off your heating bill.

Paying by direct debit is usually cheaper than paying over the phone or by cheque and also means you don’t have to worry and missing payments and potentially having to pay more.

A great way to exactly what your using and where its coming from is by getting a smart meter. Smart meters record energy usage in your home and displays it on a handheld smart energy device in your home. You can see exactly how much you’re spending in pounds and pence each day, as well as being able to see where you can use less.

Just following one of these steps can help you keep cosy this winter.

UK Wide Chartered Surveyors
UK Wide Chartered Surveyors
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