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Declutter that garage!

Its normal to heavy a messy garage, however inconvenient it may be. In fact, 57% of all people with two-car garages only have room for one, if not no cars in them. This is because our garages tend to turn into a sort of dumping ground for thing’s we don’t want to get rid of, but don’t really have any intention of using either. Well if you’re in the mood for a good reorganising, there are a few methods that can help your experience be much more pleasant.

Making it into a family activity will absolutely make the work load much less of a load, as long as they aren’t dragging their heels. It will also make the activity pass much quicker. Everyone should have their own area to work in for maximum efficiency, and also to avoid any distractions.

It’s best to go through every item in your garage and sort them in to four separate piles: keep, sell/donate, bin and recycle. Once you’ve gotten rid of any items that won’t be staying in your garage, then properly organising it will be a lot easier.

Once you have all your items that you intend to keep, you need to find a proper place to put them all. You can split them into five categories and designate them to certain areas of your garage accordingly. These categories are:

Frequently used: so possibly things like shopping bags or pet leashes. These could be kept close to the door on hooks

Items used together: things like car repair equipment, toolboxes, gardening and sports equipment

Bulkier items: larger, heavier items like lawn mowers can be stored in the back corners of the garage, but make sure you don’t block the way out with other items otherwise it could be a pain getting it back out.

Rarely used: seasonal items like holiday decorations or a paddling pool could be kept on high shelves or even in a ceiling storage system if you have one.

Large tools and Bicycles: things like shovels and rakes as well as bicycles can be hung on the wall with the proper equipment, like a wall mount.

Hopefully soon your garage will be looking neat and tidy as soon as possible. Have fun cleaning!

UK Wide Chartered Surveyors
UK Wide Chartered Surveyors
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