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When buying a new build property, you might be under the impression that it will be completely ready the moment you move in. In reality, there will almost always be things which haven’t been finished. A snagging list or snagging survey will highlight all areas of the property which need attention.

A new build property isn’t always perfect when the developer hands over the keys. Housing developers usually have deadlines to work to and work quickly to complete the construction. This can mean things get missed, mistakes happen and workmanship is below the expected standard. This is all completely normal, however, you need to ensure snags are repaired before the builders leave the site. A snagging list will be produced as an agreement between the buyer and developer as to what needs attention.

What is a snag?

A snag is a defect which needs to be repaired. Usually, these repairs are small jobs which haven’t been completed such as a missing skirting board or a door which isn’t fixed properly. A snag can also be related to bad workmanship, such as a leaking pipe or loose toilet. In some cases, it can be aesthetic such as a cracked tile or a wall which hasn’t been painted.

Anything related to the house being ‘unfinished’ can be deemed a ‘snag’. There may be some grey areas in what the developer will accept as a snag. If it’s finished but looks a bit shoddy and the developer refuses to put it right, you might need a professional like a surveyor to help resolve the dispute by carrying out a snagging survey.

What is a snagging list?

A snagging list is a document put together by the developer or someone acting on behalf of the buyer. It details all the snags which need to be repaired in the property. It is usually produced when a representative from the developer shows the buyer around the newly built property shortly before completion. You should point out everything you notice, and don’t be shy about being fussy.

You should then receive a copy of this and you can agree to it or add more things which either you have noticed yourself or professional acting on your behalf has noticed.

Snagging Survey

Its always advised that you get a professional to look over your new build before you agree to the snagging list provided. If you need a snagging survey you can get a quote from Cosey Homes by using our instant online quote tool. We can provide you with a snagging survey or an RICS Condition Report (Level 1). RICS Condition Report (Level 1) are for newbuilds or nearly new conventional homes. They give an overall opinion of the condition of the property and information relating to maintenance and services.

Putting a snagging list together sounds straight forward, but remember the developer won’t be overly keen to get snags repaired which they think are not required. Getting a snagging survey or Condition Report (Level 1) carried out by a surveyor carries much more weight. The developers will be obliged to repair snags highlighted by a surveyor who has the correct regulatory qualifications. If the issues were ever raised in a complaint or in a court, the independent surveyor’s opinion would be held in much higher regard than the developer.

When to put the snagging list together or instruct a surveyor

Each developer has their own process with regards to giving you the opportunity to see the house before you complete.

Usually, they will book an appointment a few weeks before you complete to show you around the house and go through potential snags with you. This will give you the opportunity to raise any issues with them. During your appointment, you should be fussy and point to anything which you feel falls below the expected standard. It is always more difficult to get repairs done once you have moved in. Remember you are protected by a 2-year warranty that developers are obliged to honour by law. In addition, if they are NHBC regulated, you have a 10-year warranty to protect you against any defects. These protections mean that you can instruct a surveyor at any time after you move in, even if the basic snags have already been repaired.

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