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Why December is the best time to buy a house!

If you make an offer on a house in the days leading up to the 25th December, you’re more likely to get your new home at a slightly lower price than you would usually. This is because there are lower numbers of buyers throughout December as people concentrate on the festive season instead. But there are other benefits to buying in December too…

House prices
The prices of homes in the UK does tend to drop to a 12-month low during December, so make the most of looking and putting an offer in during the festive month.

Estate agents and solicitors
Due to the fact that many home buyers aren’t often looking at this time, estate agents and solicitors are likely to be quieter. Therefore it’s a great time to engage with them as you are more likely to get their undivided attention to help you with your search. Don’t forget to make sure what days they work over the Christmas period, so you’re not left waiting until the new year to make progress.

Homebuyer competition
As there aren’t as many people viewing houses or looking to move over the Christmas period, there probably won’t be much competition if you decide to put in an offer. Sellers may also accept offers at a slightly cheaper price, as they can now enjoy the rest of the Christmas period knowing they will be moving onwards to their next chapter in the brand-new year ahead.

Homes in winter weather
Viewing homes in the winter weather also let you see how it holds up to the cold and its easier to spot things that need fixing like leaking drainpipes. Most homes will have the heating and light on too, so it’s a good opportunity to see the boiler/ heating and electrics in working order.

Christmas cheer
Generally most people will be in a good mood in December, as they start to celebrate with friends and family, decorate their trees, give and receive presents, and have a good time.
Because of this ‘Christmas cheer’ sellers are much more likely to be generous saying “Well, it is Christmas, why not!” allowing things to slide that they wouldn’t usually. Sometimes that even means selling you their home at a lower price.

Finally – If you do decide to put an offer in this month, remember to book a HomeBuyer or Building survey as soon as its accepted to make sure there are no major repairs needed.
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UK Wide Chartered Surveyors
UK Wide Chartered Surveyors
Cosey Homes offer the full range RICS home surveys from Level 1 - 3 with national coverage provided by our experienced local property surveying team.
DISCLAIMER: This article is for general information only and not intended as advice. Each property has its own set of unique circumstances, all potential issues should be investigated by a surveyor on a case by case basis before making any decision.