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Valuing the White House

An interesting quandary, how much is the White House worth?

Not something we had ever considered until it was discussed at a recent RICS world forum. We value properties every day but in making many considerations based on demand it is a particular problem which has rarely been visited or considered. I mean, would we ever expect this unique property to be up for sale?

Legislation passed by congress in 1935 means the White House can actually be sold to anyone. So, it is possible one day this historic building could be on the market. And so, how would we decide on the list price, and what factors would we consider. What is the White House worth to an investor?

The highest guess among attendees at the world forum was $36.1bn! We are not quite sure that it would fetch that much, but we think it’s got to be a few hundred million. We didn’t watch the video first… honest.

Two experts with different specialisms tackled the issue. Anne Gray who has 20 years experience in valuation and is a fellow of the RICS and Barden Prisant with International Art Advisors from New York.

Watch the video to find out how they got on with this peculiar valuation. Could the new president-elect, Mr. Donald Trump be a potential investor?

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UK Wide Chartered Surveyors
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