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Cosey Homes is a professional firm of Chartered Surveyors and structural engineers in Bristol and across the West of England. Our experienced team has worked with thousands of satisfied property clients providing expert advice, impartial guidance and a first-rate customer service. With 10+ years in business, we are accredited by the leading professional bodies in the UK including the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE) and the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).

We have a wealth of local property knowledge and the technical expertise to carry out residential property valuations, RICS HomeBuyer Surveys and full structural Building Surveys. Whether you are thinking of buying a small flat or a large house, a modern property or a period cottage, Cosey Homes can provide you with a thorough understanding of the condition of the building you are about to buy, enabling you to make an informed decision.

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What types of survey are there?

An independent professional survey should be an essential tool in the purchasing process, regardless of whether you have specific concerns regarding the property you are thinking of buying. Many structural problems and other building issues may not be immediately obvious to the layman, requiring specialist analysis to disclose the full facts. Cosey Homes offer a wide range of surveys, reports and property valuations that are designed to provide you with this valuable information, presented in an easy-to-understand format.

RICS HomeBuyers Survey

As a Level 2 property investigation, a HomeBuyer Survey is suitable for modern homes of regular construction that are in a reasonable state of repair. The report is based on a non-invasive visual inspection of the accessible building elements in order to provide an expert overview of the building’s condition, highlighting any obvious issues or defects. It also includes an independent valuation.

Cosey Homes use the RICS standard reporting format which highlights the severity and urgency of any problems found by way of a traffic light system, which is both jargon-free and easy for a layperson to understand. RICS HomeBuyer Reports are designed to provide the necessary facts to enable home buyers to make an intelligent, informed decision on how to proceed with their purchase.

RICS Building Survey

A RICS Building Survey is the most in-depth property report carried out by Cosey Homes. Formerly known as a Full Structural Survey, it is based on a Level 3 investigation that is appropriate for properties that are 70+ years old, very large or buildings that have been significantly altered in the past, or where there are plans for major works.

The survey consists of a detailed visual inspection of all accessible elements of the building to gain a thorough understanding of its condition and state of repair, with details of all major defects and issues such as damp, timber decay and structural movement. The report also includes recommendations for remedial action and future maintenance, including cost estimates.

Residential Valuations

The Cosey Homes team consists of experienced RICS Registered Valuers who have extensive local property knowledge and formal training in property valuations. Our residential valuations are a far cry from estate agents’ informal market appraisals in that they are based on solid market valuation techniques and robust calculations. Whether you need a residential valuation for matrimonial matters or personal asset valuation, probate or taxation purposes, or to submit to your insurers or lenders, our RICS Registered Valuers should be your first port of call.


Why is a mortgage valuation not enough?

A mortgage valuation survey is carried out on behalf of the lender and is solely for the benefit of risk assessment. It will not give you any information about the condition of the property – for your own peace of mind, an independent home survey is highly recommended.

Which survey should I choose?

Choosing the right survey for your property and your needs can be a confusing decision. The team at Cosey Homes are happy to bring their professional expertise to help you advise on the pros and cons of each type of survey, helping you make the best decision for your purchase.

Will gas and electrics be tested during the survey?

No, they will not. Chartered Surveyors are not qualified gas or electricity engineers, meaning we are unable to test services by law. We will conduct a visual inspection and usually recommend further investigation by a qualified professional.

What is gazumping?

Your purchase only becomes legally binding when contracts are exchanged. Until then, it is possible for another buyer to come along and make a higher offer, which the seller is perfectly within his legal rights to accept, pushing you out of the process. This situation is known as gazumping.

How will I receive the survey report?

Once the survey report has been written and checked for quality control, you will be sent your copy as a PDF document via email. Where required, we can also send a hard copy in the post to you for an additional fee.

How long until I get my report?

At Cosey Homes, customer satisfaction is key, meaning we will endeavour to work as swiftly as we can to deliver your report. As a rule of thumb, you should expect to receive your report within 5 working days from the date of the survey visit.

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