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September 20th, 2016

The housing market, post Brexit vote.

As the dust settles after the vote of the British public to leave the EU, we can start to analyse the effect it has had on the market. Up to now it has been too soon to speculate what will happen, some will say even now it is too soon, but statistics have started to emerge and the housing market seems to be holding steady.

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April 18th, 2016

An Evolving Industry

Since the birth of the world wide web, most industries have been faced with the prospect of innovate or die. For many years the property industries managed, somehow, to stay out of the chaos. The traditional methods found a way to continue unchallenged. They adopted the web to enhance their offering yet, didn’t allow it to shape them or their companies. We shop, bank, communicate, socialise, search, and learn online, so it seems like they were not using all the technology available to them to appeal to a larger audience. Surely with all this technology, if we wanted to sell our home, we didn’t need a high-street agent to help us advertise it, right?

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